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                          Price $549

Call or Email for further information and inquire about our Evaluation program.

         Email: Attic-Clear@cox.net

     Phone: 949-830-4300 ask for Tony

New for 2022 Police Magazine Complete Package

1. 4K ultra HD Camera w/ impact resistant hard case

2. 12 MB Photos

3. Simple Programming

4. Built in WiFi.

5.Super Image Stabilization

6. Adjustable FOV

7. 4x Zoom

8. Wireless Remote Control

9. Record Photos while recording live videos with remote

10. Apps available for Android and Apple

11. Includes 2 High Impact 36 LED Lights

12. 1 hour run time for everything in the package with included USB to Micro USB cables

13. Nine (9') foot extendable pole with goose neck





What is an Attic Clear?

  • The Basic Attic-Clear is designed to be a universal mounting rack and will hold iPhones, Smartphone (with or without their protective cases) as well as GoPro cameras and virtually any camera or device that has a tripod mount or that will fit in the Attic Clears padded clamps.

There are only  2 Attic Clear products.

  • Heavy Duty basic Camera/iPhone rack with two flash light holders designed into the rack. The unit is built on an industrial strength 3/4 inch extendable pole and includes a 20 inch extension tube, 16-18 foot in length if user is between 5 to 6 feet tall. Included: Camera / iPhone rack with  goose neck, dual Flashlight holders black padded gun case and more. Price is $375 If you already have an iPhone and Flashlight(s) - your ready to go!




  • 2022 Police Magazine Heavy Duty Complete Package ready to use. Includes everything stated above. 4K Camera, 2 Impact resistant 36 LEDs per light for a total of 72 LEDs with one and 1/2 hour rechargeable batteries and backup power bank with cables to recharge the 4K camera and lights while traveling. Price is $549





                             Padded Gun Case





           Basic Attic-Clear Rack

































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