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What is an Attic Clear?

  • The Attic-Clear is designed to be a universal mounting rack and will hold iPhones, Smartphone (with or without their protective cases) as well as GoPro cameras and virtually any camera or device that has a tripod mount or that will fit in the Attic Clear's padded clamps.

    • There are only  2 Attic Clear products. Light Duty and Heavy Duty

      • Light Duty is built on a black camera extension pole, 7 feet long one flash light holder..

      • Heavy Duty (Pro) is built on an industrial strength 3/4 inch pole with two 24 inch extension tubes, 20 foot  height advantage if user is about 6 feet tall Included are:  goose neck, dual Flashlight holders black padded gun case and more.

      • If you already have an iPhone and Flashlight - your ready to go!



Now you can monitor your iPhone on an iPad using Bluetooth. Software provided:

  • The Pro units come with  software that can be down loaded (upon request) and will allow one iPhone to be attached to the top of the Attic-Clear pole and one iPhone or iPad that the software will treat as a monitor via the built in Bluetooth. Simple to use!








 Light Duty

 Heavy Duty










      Padded Gun Case











Dual GoPro, iPhone and dual

flashlight holders.



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